I think the grass turned a bit greener since the last time I saw it.


I’ll keep that in mind. That must be a good sign though. Greener is better, I think.


Isn’t it nice? I was never a fan of change, I guess that’s why I’m back home. Ah, home sweet home.


That’s true— I mean, there is a comforting quality about that. I think that’s pretty much why most people come back. But I don’t think that a new ice cream store or cute boutique wouldn’t hurt anybody.


It’s unchanging, Kenna. It’s eternal— like Santa Claus.


Maybe Peter Pan sprinkled some fairy dust or something because it “never grew up”, am I right?


I think this place is gonna stay the same ‘til we die, Ken. Only Kinsdale folk care about Kinsdale — they don’t wanna change it.


Yeah, I guess that’s pretty accurate. They should really revamp some parts though. I mean, they can’t keep it the same forever. I’d be worried about how long these buildings and old paint will last.

You would think they would change at least one thing around here while I left, but, boy, do I stand corrected. It’s almost scary how similar it was to when I looked at it last.

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